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Server confusion?

Does your company have responsibility for dozens of websites, scattered across multiple servers or virtual servers, possibly even across more than one provider? Are they all managed by hand? Do you have that one server that everyone's too scared to touch in case it explodes and takes out a major client with it?

We can take you from a terrifying mess to an organised, reliable, and repeatable set-up. We can build you local test environments that you can be sure match production and give you pre-release testing you can be confident in.

We can take your 'mean time to recovery' from 'everyone works all through the weekend' to 'minutes', giving you confidence that you can deliver on your promises to your clients.

Escalating costs?

git push heroku master is great, isn't it? But then you need a few background workers, and your database starts to grow, and maybe you need some more specialist services, and suddenly the 'Platform as a Service' convenience starts to come at a significant price.

By moving 'lower down' the stack you can gain significant cost-to-performance improvements, get fine-grained control over your environment, and reduce vendor lock-in. We can help you make the transition to controlling your own production environments.

Scaling concerns?

That one application server is churning along just fine, but what if you needed to start scaling your application? A hand-managed server can never be reliably scaled horizontally, so you need proper repeatability to ensure that the second (and third, and fourth) servers will behave exactly like the first.

By introducing configuration management we can help move you to a scalable environment so you can cope with your company's - or your client's - growth, and we can build high availability systems that will keep your websites up even if any one component fails.

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